April 4, 2013


Lighting Control System

  • Luci Della Ribalta or LDR was started in 1997 in northern Italy
  • —Specific goal of supplying the theatre lighting market with good quality, nice looking, affordable products together with a fast, professional and friendly service to the customer.
  • —Established today as a major supplier of theatrical and architectural spotlights, profiles, flood lights and follow spots.
  • —Exclusive design and assembly facilities
  • —Worldwide suppliers of high performance and stylish luminaries, complemented by a full range of accessories.
  • Fenix

    Over 20 years giving customers high-end quality products. The best lifting towers at an affordable price. One of the most dynamic and competitive companies in the market. All our products undergo strict quality control in the manufacturing process. Our quality has been recognized nationally and internationally in all types of projects related to the entertainment

  • DTS Lighting

    DTS is an Italian company that designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes lighting products and lighting effects for entertainment and architectural. We use the most advanced design tools and automation systems available, both for the design and the production, operated by an extremely skilled and continuously trained staff.

  • IntelliStage

    Our staging expert team is full of seasoned professionals that have superior product knowledge and genuinely enjoy assisting their customers. Being Helpfully, genuine and highly knowledgeable, That’s what sets us apart.