April 6, 2013


Professional Audio System

  • — Among Europe’s top three sound reinforcement loudspeaker  manufacturers.
  • — Based in Paris, the company was founded in 1979 by Eric Vincenot and Michael Johnson.
  • — Distictive from competition as an innovative, integrated systems approach to loudspeaker research and development.
  • — Products/Systems begin with sophisticated computer simulations, executed by highly specialized propriety software.
  • — Product performance is thoroughly modeled and rigorously evaluated to maximize system performance in an incredibly short time frame.
  • Australian Monitor

    Owned by Australia’s largest distributor of professional audio equipment – Audio Telex Communication Pty Ltd. Well known brands like Australian Monitor Installation Series (AMIS) and the Australian Monitor Pro Series (AMPro), under its banner. Fastest growing audio contracting brands Well priced, well presented and highly reliable product range – mixer amplifiers, power amplifiers, mixers zone


    —Well known German brand of power amplifiers —Over 25 years of success in the pro-audio industry —Grown from a PA rental company to a world-class independent brand. —High-end product range of pro audio amplifiers, DSP- and audio network solutions —Worldwide reputation for transparent sonic performance, extreme power and ultra reliability Represented in more than 60

  • Crest Audio

    —Founded in the late 1970’s —Over 25 years in production of amplifiers, consoles and control products servicing —Present in a diverse range of international markets —Known for its product excellence and value —Customizable to match low costs without sacrificing on quality —Clearly distinguished in comparison with competitors.